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Cracked Heels?, Here Its Remedies

cracked-heelsFoot care is very essential if you want to have attractive and good looking feet. In fact, it is very important for you to keep your feet neat, clean and tidy as it is the one part of your body that is exposed to the ground always. Home remedies for cracked heels are the best cost effective methods to treat your heel skin problems. Some of the very common home remedies for cracked heels are :

# Ripe Bananas
You can also use ripe bananas to cure cracked heels. You need to apply mashed ripe bananas to your cleaned cracked heels and leave it there for ten to fifteen minutes. Then you need to wash the feet nicely with warm water and then later dip the feet in cold water for ten minutes.

# Paraffin Wax
If you are experiencing pain from your cracked heels, then paraffin wax is the ideal ingredient that will give you relief from pain instantly. Mix the paraffin wax with coconut or mustard oil and then heat it so that the wax melts. Now, apply this mixture on the cracked heels after bringing it down to cool temperature. Apply this mixture, leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning and you will enjoy great results.

# Use Of Oils
Hydrogenated vegetable oil is said to be really good for your cracked heel problems. Some of the oils that offer good results for cracked heels are: sesame oil, coconut oil and olive oil apart from vegetable oil.

  • It is important for you to first clean your feet with soap and water and pat it dry.
  • If you see cracks in your skin, then you need to use a pumice stone or a soft foot file to remove most of the dead and dry skin.
  • Now, clean the area, wash it and apply any oil on the soles and the heels liberally.
  • Leave this application on your feet overnight and you will see effective results in a week’s time on regular application.

# Lemon Juice
Applying lemon juice on the cracked heel areas will help in softening your skin as it has great acidic properties. You can also soak your feet in a bucket of lukewarm water mixed with lemon juice for 10 to 15 minutes to hydrate your feet. Then clean the feet and heels with a pumice stone and pat your feet dry.

# Honey
Honey is one of the most popular home remedies for cracked heels that you can use on your feet as it has antibacterial as well as moisturizing properties. It can take care of your dry feet as well as cracked heels. Mix 2 to 3 tablespoons of honey in a bucket of warm water and soak your feet in the water for 15 minutes. This will make your feet moist and supple.

# Salt Water
Put your clean and neat feet in a bucket of salty warm water, preferable stone salt water. Leave it for 15 minutes. Now, remove your feet and place it in a cold water bucket for about 10 minutes and this will help in improving blood circulation in your feet.

# Rice Flour With Honey And Vinegar
To remove of your dead skins around the heels of your feet, you can make a natural scrub with ingredients like rice flour, apple cider vinegar and honey.
• Take 2 tablespoons of rice flour and mix it with 2 to 3 teaspoons of honey and vinegar to make a thick paste.
• Soak feet in warm water for ten minutes and then apply this scrub paste on your cracked heels and wash it after it gets dry. It will help in removing dead skin effectively.

# Petroleum Jelly
It is important to regularly scrub your cracked heels with a pumice stone or a soft foot file to get rid of dead skin, Applying this treated heels with petroleum jelly will make the heels soft and moisturized and you can use this remedy daily before hitting the bed to have lovely and crack free heels.

# Calcium Intake
It is important for you to improve on the calcium intake to reduce the effects of cracked heels on your feet. You need to add yoghurt or milk or cheese or fish or broccoli or soya milk or juices in your daily diet.

# Vitamin E And Iron Foods
One of the best options to reduce the symptoms of cracked heels is to add Vitamin E rich foods in your daily diet. Foods like vegetable oil, green vegetables, nuts and whole grain products are an important source of Vitamin E. Iron is also very essential for curing cracked heels and you need to take in required amounts of iron daily. Some of the foods that are rich source of iron are: meat, chicken and fish.

# Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Some of the foods like flaxseeds, flaxseed oil, cold water fish and purslane herb are known to be rich sources of Omega 3 fatty acids which help in reducing the effect of cracked heels.

# Rosewater And Glycerin
One of the easy and effective home remedies for cracked heels is mixing equal amounts of glycerine and rosewater and rubbing this mixture on the cracked heels and all over the feet. This will keep the skin soft for long hours and you can apply it whenever you want to go outside. This will keep your cracks under control.

# Drinking Water
It is very important for you to keep your body hydrated at all times and this will prevent your feet from going dry. Hence, consuming at least 12 to 15 glasses of water every day will provide the necessary elasticity for your heel skin and prevent it from cracking.

Know These Anti Aging Foods

dark-chocolate# Dark Chocolate

The digestion process can be retarded by consuming fewer amounts of dark chocolate, which makes you feel full. It boosts the process of metabolism that aids in burning fats and calorie. It helps us keep away from the heart diseases. Also helps in anti-aging by reducing calories in the body.

# Whey Protein

This protein got a substance in it called as resistant starch, which helps in metabolism, generally aging leads to loss of mass in the muscles, which is caused due to fewer metabolisms. This can be prevented by consuming the whey protein.

# Cinnamon

They contain antioxidants which help you stay fit and good health, just a quarter tea spoon of cinnamon powder per day after meal, helps you maintain body fats.

# Curcumin

Making use of curcumin powder with vegetables, meat or rice helps in preventing the blood vessels from the cells causing cancer, which keeps you healthy and fit and makes you look young.

# Greek Yogurt

Generally yogurt has more contents of sugar and lactose in it, Greek yogurt has less amounts of these substances when compare to normal yogurt, which helps in gaining good health and also keeps from aging.

# Coffe

Heart diseases can be prevented by consuming coffee, added advantage of coffee is that is keeps you away from diabetes though it has some drawbacks. Coffee must be mostly consumed without more sugar and cream which helps you in anti-aging and good health.

# Barramundi

This is very high in nutrition, when compared to salmon it contains less amounts of calories in it but has equal amounts of fatty acids called Omega 3 fatty acids, which mainly helps in looking young and also looking healthy.

# Oats

Fiber is the most essential nutrient which is not mostly consumed by anyone these days. Fiber content is more in oats, which keeps you full and makes you eat less for the next meal, the weight gain in the middle age makes you look older, which can be prevented by consuming oats every day.

# Red Wine

Red wine is rich in antioxidants. Fermented foods are very good for digestion, as they contain lactic acid. Resveratrol is a famous antioxidant present in the skin of grapes; it helps in death of brain and heart cells.  Thus it is helpful in Anti-aging.

# Spinach

Green leafy vegetables are high in nutrients; it has a pigment called as lutein which is generally present in green leafy vegetables that keeps you from aging.

# Corn

Corn keeps away from causing cancer; fiber content that is present in corn prevents the growth in cancer. A component called IP6 is present in the corn, helps in maintaining good health and killing the cells causing cancer.

# Whole Grains

Carbohydrates that are present in the grains help in burning fats, the cholesterol levels are brought down by the carbohydrates in the grains. This helps in anti-aging and life moderation.

# Sweet Potatoes

They contain a compound called as lycopene which contains large amounts of vitamins helping the skin from Ultra violet damage. Consuming sweet potatoes leads to healthier skin and young look.

# Hemp

These seeds are moisturized and the oil extracted from these seeds helps your skin look moisturized. They contain omega 3 fatty acids which mainly help in anti-aging and good health. The oil from these seeds can be used in your favorite dishes to make your skin healthy.

# Watermelon

Vitamins like Lycopene and beta-carotene are present in watermelon which plays a major role in healing the skin cells that are damaged when exposed to sunlight. Thus skin looks young.

# Green Tea

Many researches and surveys have found that aging process has slowed down with few cups of green tea every day. It improves your DNA structure and also slows down the process of shortening of cells during aging. You can drink it either hot or cold or it can also be used as a refreshing base for stews and soups. Green tea always helps you look and feel younger.

# Bluberries

They contain large amounts of antioxidants which are responsible for skin and brain care. The fiber content present in them helps in producing vitamins and minerals in the body which keeps you from aging.

# Pistachios

These are highly nutrient; the best part is that they come with shell over them. Survey has been carried out saying that the main advantage of shelled nuts is that they contain less calories when compared to unshelled nuts.

# Wild Salmon

They contains fatty acids in them which are called Omega 3 fatty acids, which helps in anti-aging, good functioning of brain, skin, eyes, joints and heart. Aging leads in reducing good functioning of brain. Wild salmon is suggestible for anti-aging.


Simple Beauty Skin Tips

beauty-skin-tThe way you look is going to give any more bizarre early introduction on you, likewise looks are the main route in which anybody is typically seen for which it is important to have solid skin which is said to add to constructive considering the identity. Skin is regularly taken colossal care just since it is said to depict precisely what we are from inside which is likewise the explanation behind not agonizing over the cash which is being spent to get important healthy skin arrangements.

Despite the fact that there are times when a minute ago touch ups are certain to work there are likewise a few different things which are going to work superbly and normally on the off chance that they are taken after on regular routine, however before taking after these medications which can be effortlessly arranged at home it is additionally important to comprehend the explanations behind this to happen.

Here are the rundowns which give all the fundamental reasons that likely result in skin harm:

# Dehydration of Skin

Just like the need to quench the thirst and avoid suffering with dry throat it is also necessary to hydrate the skin which will not let the skin be with a feeling of being dry and stretchy since skin cells are made of water which have to be replenished at regular intervals to keep the skin hydrated all the time that is possible only by increased consumption of drinking water.

# Smoking

This habit is usually among those who feel too much stressed out and start it with the thought that it will lessen the stress but is not bound to happen instead increasing other negative effects on the body. On the contrary this habit is said to dry up the skin along with various other serious problems like respiratory and heart issues.

# Damaging Sun Rays

Even a few hours out in sun after winter might be very happy however that small amount of time is enough for the sun to cause enough damage to the skin which can go on for about entire lifetime if proper care is not ensured.

# Lesser Physical Activity

This is sure to increase the weight apart from which it also results in several other severe issues which include lack of shine for the skin which is due to lack of blood flow which carries oxygen to all the skin cells in the body.

# Choose Food Wisely

There is no doubt that the body needs various minerals and vitamins but it is not the fast foods which will provide with the necessary equipment for body instead choice has to be made among healthy and tasty foods based on their advantages to the body.

Now that the reasons have been understood, it is time to know tips which will help in keeping the skin healthy which are given below:

# Cleansing Of Face

This is most common advise given by all the beauticians which is about cleaning the skin even though the individual might be hugely tired after long day that is only to make sure that entire dirt from the face along with makeup will be removed from the skin providing pores with an opening to break fresh air. Since all the time when makeup was put on the pores have been clogged lessening the chance for skin to breath.

# Go With Sunscreen

In order to prevent sun from causing any damage to the skin it is necessary to use sunscreen which will prevent skin from falling prey to cancer, ageing before its time and skin rashes which are all result of too much exposure of skin without necessary shield. Irrespective of the season go with sunscreen before going into the sun also additionally it is suggested that sunscreen also has to be applied even in home since there does not seem to be any place without radiation.

# Lesser Makeup

Without any proper occasion do not go with all the makeup elements like concealer, foundation or anything else though all these are going to add another layer on the real skin to give glowing look, have you ever wondered what it does to the real skin and the damage it undergoes. It does not mean that all these have to be dumped into dustbin instead choose them only for certain days while rest of the days have to be followed only with toner and moisturizer along with sunscreen which will provide the skin with necessary air to breathe.

# Moisturize

It is not only sufficient to keep the skin internally hydrated but also has to be done so externally which can be done with the help of moisturizer that not only increase the moisture onto skin but also locks up moisture on skin hydrating it. In order to open up the pores it is suggested to place a towel which has been soaked in warm water on the face during night for some time which will also provide sufficient moisture to the skin.

# Exfoliation

It is necessary to exfoliate the skin twice every week which will help in removing dead cells on the skin which will clog the pore that result in acne, blackheads apart from this it is also going to improvise skin complexion giving a special glow to the skin removing all the harmful toxins from skin. However skin also does not have to be scrubbed daily which otherwise will give much drier look to the skin.

# Necessity For Proper Food

Each and every food consumed daily is going to add to the skin and also benefits it for which it is necessary to cut down on some of them while there are certain others which have to be added some of which are listed below:

— Water : Like it has been already suggested it is necessary to drink lots of water keeping the skin hydrated for which it is necessary to cut down on fried foods.

— Vitamin C : It is suggested to include Vitamin C in daily diet which has collagen that is said to be the one responsible for skin firmness, hence lack of this substance in the diet is said to result in wrinkles forming at an early age. Also Vitamin C has anti-oxidants which will not let any damage to be caused for the collagen also this will not let skin to dry up easily, formation of fine lines for which it is suggested to include strawberries, red peppers, citrus fruits and broccoli to give younger look to the skin.

— Vitamin A : When solution is available only in fridge that includes red, green leafy vegetables and orange are good sources of beta-cartoene there are people who go places to get smoother complexion. Foods which are abundant sources of Vitamin A include sweet potatoes, spinach, carrots, squash and turnips.

— Good fat : It is common misconception among several people that nuts are going to add fat to the body and hence are not healthy for the body on the contrary nuts are full of omega-3 fatty acids which provide good fat to the body which is possible only with handful of nuts which can possibly include almonds, flax seeds and walnuts. Even salmon is said to have omega-3 fatty acids which can be consumed twice every week however it is suggested to cook oil in olive oil which is full of mono-unsaturated fats that will add glow to skin.

— Tomatoes : There is no need to give special information about tomatoes especially when it comes to topics related to skin due to the presence of magical substance called as lypocene which is an anti-oxidant that helps in fighting age. Also wrinkles, patches, sagging skin and dark spots can be kept at distance with this.

— Zinc, Iron : Glow for the skin can be increased with foods like lean meat, cereals, oysters and eggs which are great supplies of zinc and iron each of which have their own work to do. Like zinc is said to help in producing new cell and wearing out of dead cells which will give fresh look to the skin while Iron is said to provide necessary oxygen to the body giving glow to the skin.

— Fibers : For those who are regularly attacked with acne can get rid of it by increasing the fiber content in diet since they are said to be result of indigestion. This issue can be resolved by going for foods like whole grain breads, oatmeal, bananas, brown rice and apples that will surely lessen the formation of acne.


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Dark Neck?, Here Its Remedies

The exact cause of dark neck varies and is often unknown. Some of the causes of dark skin around the neck are diabetes, hereditary, obesity, polycystic ovary etc. In some cases, poor personal hygiene has also resulted in dark neck. Too much exposure to sun is another reason for the dark colored skin on the neck area. The condition can be treated to a certain level by the right cleansing, scrubbing and moisturizing using natural methods. Reducing the weight of the person also helps if the darkness is caused by overweight or obesity

# Yoghurt
Yoghurt helps to cleanse the skin and the acid present in it lightens the skin. It also helps to moisturize the skin.
• Apply a yoghurt to the affected area and leave for 10-15 minutes
• You can apply a mixture of yoghurt and lime juice to get faster result.

# Lemon Juice
The citric acid present in the lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent. If you have sensitive skin, you will have to use diluted lemon juice for this purpose.
• Apply lemon juice to the dark skin of the neck using cotton ball
• Leave it there for 10-20 minutes and wash it off with water.
• Do not expose the skin to sunlight after applying lemon juice.

# Honey And Tomato
Honey helps to lighten the skin and it is a natural moisturizer. Tomato and lemon has acids in them which will help to lighten the dark color.
• Mix honey , tomato juice and lemon juice and apply it to the affected areas
• Leave the mix on the skin for 20 minutes and wash it off.
• Repeat the remedy daily to get faster result

# Turmeric
Turmeric has antiseptic properties and is used for treating various skin problems. You can use turmeric in different ways to get rid of the dark neck problem.
• Mix turmeric powder and milk and apply it on the affected areas for at least 15 minutes.
• You can replace milk with yoghurt or honey according to your convenience.

# Cucumber
Cucumber cleanses the skin and help to soothe the skin and bring back the glow of the skin. Scrubbing the neck with cucumber removes the dead skin cells.
• Apply grated cucumber or cucumber juice on the dark neck.
• Gently scrub the neck for a few minutes
• Wash it off after 15 minutes

# Almonds
Almonds contain vitamins which are essential for the skin health. The oil also acts as a moisturizer.
• Make a paste of powdered almond and milk powder with honey
• Apply this paste on the sides and back of the neck, where the skin is dark
• Leave the mixture on the skin for 30 minutes and wash off with water.

# Olive Oil
Olive oil helps to moisturize the skin and to nourish the skin.
• Mix olive oil and lemon juice and apply it on the dark neck areas
• Keep the mix on the skin for at least 20 minutes to reduce the darkness of the skin.

# Potato
The potato has bleaching abilities and this will lighten the skin.
• Take grated potato or potato juice and apply it on your neck
• Leave it there for 15 minutes and clean the neck using water
• You can also apply a mix of lime juice and potato juice to get faster results

# Walnut
Walnut acts as a scrubber and removes the dead cells on the skin reducing the dark color. Milk cleanses and moisturizes the skin. The vitamins and zinc present in the walnut nourishes the skin
• Make a paste of walnut with milk
• Apply this paste on your dark neck and slightly scrub the area
• After ten minutes wash the area with cold water

# Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is a natural skin lightener and it also moisturizes the skin
• Apply pure gel of Aloe Vera directly on the neck
• Wash your neck after 20 minutes.
• Repeat the remedy daily to get faster result


Natural Remedies for Skin Tan

Milk And Lemon Juice
If you are looking for an instant relief for your tanned skin, you can apply a mixture of raw milk, lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric. Milk provides cleansing of the skin and also soothes the skin. Lemon juice is a natural cure for a sun tan. Leave the mixture on the skin till dry and after 20 minutes wash the face and the other affected areas with water.

Yoghurt And Orange Juice
Mix together equal quantities of orange juice and yogurt and apply it to cure sun tan. The Vitamin C and the alpha hydroxyl acid present in orange juice help in fading the tan. The lactic acid present in yoghurt lightens the darkened skin.

Honey And Lemon Juice
Mix honey and lemon juice in equal parts and apply to remove the tan and to get the fairer looking skin. Honey has healing powers and is a good moisturizer. Lemon juice bleaches the skin to remove the discoloration caused by tanning.

Oat Meal And Butter Milk
Mix fresh buttermilk and oatmeal powder and apply this paste on the tanned areas. This remedy will remove the tans quickly. Oatmeal provides the nourishment to the skin and buttermilk soothes the skin and bleaches the skin. Keep the mixture applied for one hour and wash off with water.

Cucumber And Lemon Juice
This is one of the common remedies used for a sun tan. Take a spoon of cucumber juice and mix it with juice of half lemon. Add a pinch of powdered turmeric to the juices and make a paste. Apply it on the affected areas of the skin. Leave the mixture on the skin for at least 20 minutes and wash it off with water. The cucumber juice will provide cooling effect and the citric acid present in the lemon acts as bleach and helps to remove the tan.

Aloe Vera Gel
The pulp inside the leaves of Aloe Vera plant is an excellent remedy to remove the tan. You can take out the pulp or gel from the leaves and can apply it on the tanned areas. Though Aloe Vera gels are available in the market, it is better to use the fresh gel from the leaves to get faster results. If possible apply the gel overnight to reduce the discoloration of the skin.

Curd And Tomato Juice 
Make a paste of the fresh tomato and add a spoonful of yogurt into it. Mix them to form a smooth paste and apply it to the area that is affected by tan. The anti-oxidants in the tomato make the skin clear and curd reduces tanning. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice into the above mixture to obtain faster and better results. Wash off the applied mixture with water after half an hour or when the mixture becomes dry.

Milk And Turmeric
Turmeric has anti -septic properties and is used in various skin improvement medicines. You can mix two teaspoons of milk and half teaspoon of turmeric powder to make a nice paste and apply it on the tanned areas of the skin.  Wash it off gently with water after 20 minutes to get a fresh looking skin.

Sandalwood, Rosewater Mixture
Sandalwood has cosmetic value and it provides coolness to the skin. Make a thick paste with sandalwood powder and rose water and apply it on the affected body parts. After one hour wash the areas with water.

Gram Flour, Rosewater Mixture
Mix a tablespoon of gram flour with one tablespoon of rose water and make a thin paste. You can use curd or plain water if rose water is not available. Apply it on face, hands and other affected areas of the body. Wash with lukewarm water after 20 minutes. Rose water will remove the bad effect of sun’s heat on the skin and will provide coolness to the skin. Gram flour works as a scrub as well as provides the necessary proteins for the skin.

Almond And Milk
Make a paste of almonds after soaking it in water for two hours. Mix it with milk and apply on tanned areas of the body. Milk works as a cleanser and vitamin E in almonds helps to reduce the effect of tan. Wash with mild hot water after 30 minutes.

Coconut Water 
Apply fresh coconut water over the sun tanned areas and leave it to dry. Again apply some more coconut water and allow it to dry. Repeat the process at least three times within 30 minutes. Wash the applied areas with cold water after half an hour. Repeat the process for a few days to get back your normal skin.

Potato And Lemon
Peel off the skin of potato and grind the fresh potato to make a paste with the help of a blender. Mix some lemon juice with the potato paste and apply the mixture on affected parts. Leave the mix on the body for 30 minutes and wash it off with cold water.

Mashed Papaya And Honey
Mashed papayas help the skin to de-tan and the honey present in the mix moisturizes the skin. Papaya also cleanses the skin.

Saffron And Milk Cream
This is a costly home remedy for suntan as it contains saffron. Make a paste of fresh milk cream and saffron by soaking the saffron in the cream overnight. Next day morning apply the mixture on tan. This will give excellent result. You will see that your complexion has been improved by this remedy.

Natural Oils
Make a mix of natural oils by mixing 4 parts of sesame seed oil, one part almond oil and one part olive oil. Apply this oil on your face for 20 minutes and wash it off with a mild soap. This will improve your complexion.

Dark Underarms?, Here Its Remedies

Do you frequently shave the hairs from your body? This common habit is also the most common cause to your dark underarms. Underarm hair is coarser, thicker, and generally darker but the stubble ones are much more and can be visible just under the surface of your skin. Over prolong habits of shaving, the skin can look dark and shadowy when it’s the just the hair that causes it.

Using plenty of creams, deodorants, and lotions on your armpit area can also make the skin darken, where the alcohols and chemicals contained in the formulation may cause allergic reaction and/or irritating the skin. This can lead your skin to thicken (a condition known as hyperkeratosis) and accompanied with hyperpigmentation, as your body thinks it’s to protect against excessive external ‘assault’ when you only use the products to keep the area look and smell nicely.

Treatments available for underarm darkening

Various over-the-counter topical cream and ointments are widely available to treat the condition where it works to inhibit the melanin production in the area, which in turn encourage the affected skin to lighten. Usually the results can be seen in few weeks.

There also few treatments that can offer short recovery period (although can be a bit expensive). Treatments using chemical peels with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) can be done to peel the outermost layer of the affected skin to reveal the brighter one underneath. Laser therapy and dermabrasion procedures can also be used to peel off the damaged outer layer of the skin.

A simple yet effective home remedies is available and can be found right in your kitchen. And of course, these tips are proven in itself and certainly won’t cost a fortune to use it. The important thing is you need to use the method regularly as it takes some time to see the desired results.

# An essential oil like sandalwood is also effective and produces quick result if you use this method on daily basis. Mix enough amount of oil with rose water into a thick paste and apply to darken underarms. Let the paste work for a couple of minutes before washing it off with cool water.

# The high content of probiotics in yogurt can be helpful in killing off the germs while lactic acid is essential to exfoliate the skin and nourishes the new ones underneath it. The affected skin will become visibly lighter in few days if you use this method daily.

# Another potent ingredient for your underarms, honey is known for its anti-bacterial, soothing, and lightening properties. Simply apply a tiny amount of honey and spread them onto our skin. it does sound sticky so you need to rest a bit to let the honey dries out before rinsing them off with warm water.

# Lemon is also useful as a home remedy as it have acidic properties that can lighten your skin as well as exfoliating dead skin cells on the affected area evenly. Use the same method as you would for a potato but keep in mind to apply moisturizer as the acidic content in a lemon is quite high. Alternatively, make a paste consisting of lemon juice with a dash of turmeric and apply them on the affected area. Let the paste dry before washing them off.

# Although known for its soothing properties, cucumber also act as a natural bleaching agent to lighten your darken underarms. Just like the remedies mentioned above, you just need to cut the cucumber in slices and rub it across the underarms before rinsing it.

# Scrubbing the affected area with a thin slice of potato is effective thanks to its mild acidic properties (yet non-irritating to your skin) as a natural bleaching agent. You can also make the juice out from potato and apply to the area and letting it dry before washing it off with a splash of lukewarm water. Repeat this remedy frequently to get a faster result.

# If using chemical peels sounds expensive for you, achieve the similar effect with mashed apple and apply them to the affected skin. Apple contain high amount of AHAs beneficial to kill the germs and exfoliate the skin. Over time, the affected skin will look lighter in few days.

# It may sound a bit slippery, but coconut oil can also be used to lighten the dark skin in your underarms thanks to its high vitamin E content. Lightly massage the nutritious oil to the affected area for ten minutes before getting a shower and rinse them with lukewarm water. On the plus side, this remedy is also double as a natural deodorant.

# Baking soda can also be used to lighten your underarms. Use them as a natural homemade scrub by adding with a bit of water to make a thick paste. This scrub is effective to purge of the damaged and dead cell, unclogging the pores, and kill the germs living in the area and what you’ll get is a clean, odor-free, and lighten skin.

# Strong anti-bacterial and lightening properties in vinegar makes it useful to kill the germs that causing the odor as well as lighten darkened skin. As it’s a liquid, you need to make it into a paste by mixing it with rice flour and apply it to the affected area. Let the paste dry before washing it off.

# Saffron is one of the essential spices in culinary and also makes a potent lightening and anti-bacterial agent. Add a pinch of saffron mixed with a thick solution of milk and apply to your underarms. You need to let it sit round an hour before washing it off.

About Pimples

Pimples are small inflammations or skin lesions of the skin. They are the oil glands or sebaceous glands that get infected with bacteria and then start to swell and develop pus inside them. They come in different varied sizes, big, medium or small and affect mostly the face, neck, shoulder, chest and back. It is believed by dermatological experts that pimples occur in the human body due to irritation of the skin by some environmental elements like dust.

The main thing that is prone to developing pimples in the body is the sebaceous glands or the oil glands which are located at the base of the hair follicles. These glands are seen in almost all the areas where hair grows and are in abundance in the face and scalp. These tiny skin glands secrete an oily or waxy substance known as sebum that will help in providing the lubrication to the skin and hair of human beings. They are seen to occur in all the skin sites in humans except the palms and the soles. In teenagers, there is an over production of hormones and the changes from childhood stage to maturity stage will increase the production of these sebaceous glands. This is the reason why we see most of the teenagers suffer from skin inflammations known as pimples.

What Are The Causes Of Pimples?

The outer layers of the skin are shed continuously in human beings. The dead skin cells sometimes do not go away completely and get stuck to the sticky sebum produced by the sebaceous glands that will cause the blockage of the skin pores and do not allow it to breathe. The pore blockage most commonly occurs during puberty and with more production of sebum during puberty, the bacteria present in the blocked sebum will start to reproduce rapidly. The bacteria will feed on the sebum and will develop a substance that will result in the inflammation of the skin which is known as the pimples. The severity and the frequency at which the pimples develop on your skin will depend upon the good and the bad bacteria that is produced. The increase in the production of testosterone hormones in both teenage male and females will induce the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum than normal. This will result in more of the dead skin cells to clog the skin pores and finally end up with skin inflammation and development of pimples. As pimples are not infectious, you will not catch pimples from other people.

How Common Is The Occurrence Of Pimples?

It is believed that pimples occur mostly in teenagers when they attain puberty. It is the period when a boy or a girl undergoes life cycle changes from childhood to adolescent stage and hence there would be an overproduction of hormones which in turn results in skin inflammation or the production of pimples. There have been a lot of facts that have come out during the study of pimples:

More than 80 percent of the teenagers would suffer from acne or pimple problems at some point.
Pimples are found to peak when a boy or a girl attains 17 years of age
More than 30 percent of the teenagers are affected by severe acne which needs medical treatment.
It has also been found out that acne occurrence in adults is also increasing nowadays.
Pimples normally start to show up when a child attains 14 years of age and can even last in a child till he or she is 20 or 21 years of age.

Types Of Pimples

Some of the common problems that you find on your face and skin are a form of pimples. The open comedo or blackheads that you find to appear on your skin are a form of pimples and are caused due to excessive oil glands in your skin. They are not caused by dirt. White heads or closed comedos are also a form of pimples that are formed under the skin and are very small in size. They will appear on your skin as a small, flesh colored bumps. Papules are small, pink and round shaped bumps that you see on your skin which is also considered to be a type of pimple. If you see larger sized pink bumps on your skin, then you are suffering from nodules which are painful and also attach deep into your skin. Another form of pimples is the pustules which are pimples loaded with puss. The base of the pustules is red and the pus will be seen on the top. Cysts are another form of pimples that you will find on the surface of your skin. They are usually painful and are filled with puss.

Foods To Prevent Pimples

A healthy skin diet is very essential to prevent the occurrence of lots of pimples on your face and body. It would be ideal for you to consume a lot of leafy vegetables and herbs as well as apples, carrots and cucumbers in order to reduce the breakdown of pimples on your skin. It is important for you to consume vitamin rich vegetables and fruits to reduce the effect of pimples or acne. The minerals will help in reducing the over production of hormones and will help in balancing your hormone levels. It is also important for you to maintain good hygiene and regular washing your face and your body with soap and body to reduce the over production of oily glands of your skin.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Pimples

# Tea Tree Oil

If you are having mild pimples then you can effectively treat them with tea tree oil. Wash your face and apply the tree oil before you go to bed and keep it overnight.

# White Toothpaste

You will be able to make great changes in your pimple overnight by using the white toothpaste on the Zits. Apply the toothpaste over the pimple before bedtime and let it remain overnight. When you wash your face the next day you will be able to find enormous change in your condition. This white toothpaste contains mint or clove oil which helps the pimples to heal easily. In some people the tooth paste may cause a burning sensation.

# Ice

When you want to treat pimples overnight, you can use ice. Wrap some ice cubes in a piece of cloth and rub it over the pimples for 20- 30 seconds. Repeat it for several times to find a quick remedy for pimples. The cold helps to freeze the pores and removes the dirt and oil from the pores.

# Aloe Vera

The leaf of Aloe Vera contains a gel which helps to cure pimples. If you do not have Aloe Vera plants you can use the gels available in the market. Make sure that they are pure.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is an age old remedy for treating pimples at home. Just dab some apple cider vinegar onto the pimple affected area and allow it to dry for 20 minutes. This will considerably improve your pimple problem.

# Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has astringent properties and will absorb the oil from the pimples and cause the pimples to shrink. The vitamin C in the lemon juice helps to cure the pimples faster. It is necessary that you use fresh lime juice. You can apply the juice with the help of a cotton swab and can leave it overnight.

# Peppermint

This home remedy offers faster elimination of pimples. The menthol content of the peppermint reduces the redness and irritation caused due to pimples. Menthol also has anti-bacterial properties which prevents infection of the pimples and kills the bacteria causing the pimple. Extract the juice of the peppermint by crushing the leaves and apply it on the pimples. Leave it for 10minutes and wash it with cold water.

# Cinnamon And Honey Paste

Take half teaspoon powdered cinnamon and mix it with honey to make a thick paste. Apply this mix on affected area and leave it for one hour. Wash off with lukewarm water. Honey has antibiotic property and hence speeds up the pimple healing and prevents any infections. You can even apply the mix before going to bed and can keep it overnight for better and faster results.

# Steaming

Steaming the face is a wonderful way to treat pimples. Steaming helps the pores in the skin to open up and allows the skin to breathe. Steaming helps to get rid of the dirt, deposited oils and kills the bacteria present in the pimples. Take hot water in a large container and make your face come into contact with the steam coming from it for a few minutes. Rinse and dry your face and apply any oil free- moisturizer. This remedy will improve the glow of your skin.

# Garlic

Garlic contains sulfur which helps in the quick healing of pimples. The juices of garlic has anti fungal and antiseptic properties which will help the pimple to heal faster. Cut garlic into two and rub the pieces on the pimple. Leave it for five minutes and wash with water. Repeat the process several times in a day.

# Baking Soda

This is the best home remedy for pimples for people with sensitive skin. Baking soda will not cause any skin irritation. Mix one teaspoon of baking soda with water and make a thick paste. Apply this mix on damp skin and allow the mix to dry on your face. Wash your face with warm water after a few minutes. Do not keep the baking soda for long as it can cause dryness of the skin. After the treatment apply some moisturizer. Repeat the process twice a day to achieve quick results.

# Orange Peels

Powder the dried orange peels and make a paste of it by adding water. Rub the mix over the pimples and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it with warm water after 20 minutes.

# Neem Powder And Oil

You can use neem powder or neem oil for treating pimples. You can directly apply the neem oil to the pimple or you can make a paste of neem powder using water or curd and apply it to the affected areas. The antiseptic property of the neem helps to bust zit .

# Apple And Honey

Mix one tablespoon of grated or mashed apple with honey to make a thick paste. Apply the paste on the skin and leave it for 15minutes. Wash it off with water to reduce the pimples.

# Pumpkin Honey Mask

Make a paste of cooked pumpkin and add honey, almond paste and olive oil. Mix all these and apply this mask over the face. Leave it on the skin for 10 minutes. Remove the mask to get a better looking skin.

# Neem And Turmeric

Make a paste of neem or margosa leaves and mix it with turmeric powder. Both neem and turmeric have antiseptic and antibiotic properties which reduces the inflammation and infection. Apply it on the pimples for 15 minutes and get the pimples healed the natural way.

# Cabbage Juice

Mush up some cabbage leaves to get the juices and rub it on the affected area. Leave the juice on the skin for at least 30 minutes. Rinse it off with water and apply an astringent to get better results.

Are you desperately suffering from acne or the pimple problem? Try any of the above home remedies and have a well balanced diet. Improving your blood circulation by proper exercises and reducing fat or oil intake will help to control the problem effectively.

Get Rid of Dandruff?, Here Its Remedies

# Aloe Vera : Ability to heal and fight against bacteria and fungus is known to help in controlling dandruff which is abundantly present in aloe vera for which juice has to be freshly extracted from the part. Apart from juice even aloe vera gel can be applied on hair for some time just before going to shower, later the hair has to be washed with mild shampoo which when repeated twice every day will have a check on the dandruff.

# Thyme : Dandruff can be treated by antiseptic and antifungal properties both of which are present in abundance in thyme for which dried thyme can be boiled for about fifteen minutes in water. Later this solution has to be left to cool down after which some of it has to be massaged on the scalp and left so for about five minutes before repeating the process once again. But the hair does not have to be washed for about two to three hours which is known to be effective treatment for dandruff problems.

# Tea Tree oil : This oil is known to be one of the strongest available natural antiseptics hence it is known to be effective in treating dandruff, only few drops of this oil to regularly used shampoo is enough to wash the hair. Even otherwise one tablespoon of this oil mixed with warm water is sufficient to be used as a spray which can be sprayed using spray bottle after shampooing the hair. Later the hair has to be massaged after drying up the wet hair.

# Olive oil : Dryness of scalp can be easily treated with olive oil making it the best moisturizer available, also when the use of extra virgin olive oil is made daily it is said to lessen the drying and flaking of skin. Best way to use olive oil is to slightly heat it until it is warm enough to be applied on the scalp after which it has to be massaged after which it has to be wrapped in towel for about half an hour. Finally the hair has to be brushed to remove all the dry scales and wash the hair thoroughly.

# Lemon : Any yeast which results in dandruff is known to be removed with the acids present in lemon, in order to treat dandruff lemon juice has to be freshly squeezed and massaged directly onto the scalp and left on for certain time and later has to be washed with shampoo to be conditioned with conditioner later. This process can be continued till dandruff entirely is removed however if this juice directly makes the skin go dry it is suggested to dilute it with coconut oil and applied on the scalp for entire night before washing it off the next morning.

# White Vinegar : It plays role of being one of the important ingredients in treating dandruff due to the acetic acid that ensures that the scalp does not allow existence of bacteria and fungus. One part of vinegar mixed with three parts of water which makes the solution to be perfectly used for washing the hair after which it has to be cleaned with normal water. Vinegar can also be applied directly on hair after which it has to be wrapped in towel and left so for entire night and has to be washed in the morning with regular shampoo.

# Baking Soda : Too much fungi in its active state is known to be the reason for production of dandruff but can be easily kept in check with baking soda, in order to get away from dandruff it is known to wet the hair after which baking soda has to be rubbed on scalp. Later this has to be washed off with normal water without any usage of scalp, repeated use of baking soda will soon initiate the process of developing natural oil without any dry flakes. Apart from this baking soda can also be added to shampoo to be used for hair washing.

# Fenugreek seeds : Fenugreek herb is known to prevent any development of fungus at the same time it is also known to soothe the scalp at the same time it is also known to keep a check on dandruff to such an extent. To get better use from fenugreek it is suggested to soak these seeds in water for entire night before making it into paste in the morning and applying on the scalp to be left on for few hours. The hair has to be later on be washed with mild shampoo also the water used for soaking seeds can be used for final wash of hair, those suffering with serious dandruff problem will probably have to use this treatment twice each week.

# Aspirin: Acetylsalicylic acid present in Aspirin is known to help in controlling dandruff for which two aspirins have to be crushed and mixed with shampoo in equal quantities. Later this mixture has to be applied on hair and massage to be left so for some time after which it has to be washed off with plain water. Other option available is to crush three aspirins to be mixed in one tablespoon of vinegar and massaged on scalp to be left so for about half an hour and washed thoroughly later.

# Listerine: Dandruff can be treated with Listerine due to alcohol and herbal oils present in them which are known to be of great help hence original Listerine can be used to wash the hair with and left so for about ten to fifteen minutes after which it has to be washed off clearly. One part of Listerine has to be mixed with two part of water and sprayed on we hair allowing it to be so for about half an hour and washed later with plain water.

Any of the above mentioned homemade treatments can be used to effectively treat dandruff however they also have to be followed regularly.

Stop Hair Fall using This Helpful Tips

I’m certain each individual is experiencing hair fall nowadays. Male pattern baldness has turned into a typical illness now-a-days. There are numerous purposes behind hair fall including genetic, slick scalp, stress, strain, dandruff, hormonal irregularity and shameful eating routine. Alongside the previously mentioned reasons age, pregnancy, menopause and disorder additionally may bring about male pattern baldness. Whatever might be the reason for hair fall that you may stress over, you can dispose of hair fall by taking after certain straightforward custom made tips.

Below mentioned are some of the preventive measures that you must follow to combat hair fall issues:

# Get a Hair / Head Massage

Hair massage is the best hair fall treatment that you can give to your scalp. Massaging helps you stimulate blood circulation. So massage your scalp regularly for a few minutes. Your hair follicles will be active when the circulation of your scalp is good. You can improve your circulation by massaging your scalp with a few drops of bay essential oil or lavender oil, mixed with sesame oil or almond oil base.

# Avoid Junk Food

Healthy diet is the best way to avoid hair loss. Protein rich foods like beans (black beans, green peas, kidney beans and chick peas), barley, oats, maize, wheat and brown rice are very good for hair growth so include them to your food palette. Drink lots of water, it helps you keep your skin and hair healthy. Avoid indulging in any crash dieting or starving to lose weight as it may be harmful to your hair.

# Hot Oil Treatments

This oil treatment will help you in getting rid of hair fall. Massage your scalp gently with any natural oil such as olive oil, canola oil or coconut oil. Before massaging the oil on the scalp heat it slightly until it becomes lukewarm. Cover your scalp with a shower cap and leave it for about an hour and then rinse your hair with a mild shampoo.

# Natural Juices

Take any natural fruit juices like ginger juice, onion juice or garlic juice and rub it on your scalp gently. After applying the juice, leave it on your scalp overnight and then wash it off thoroughly with a mild shampoo in the next morning.

# Antioxidants

# Green tea contains antioxidants that helps you in preventing hair fall and also boosts the growth of your hair. Take two bags of green tea in a hot cup of water and apply this warm green tea mixture on to your scalp and let in rest for about one hour and then wash it with shampoo.

# Get rid of stress through meditation

Stress and tension are the main factors, which results in hair fall. The best way to control stress is practicing yoga, meditation and various breathing exercises. Meditation also helps you in restoring hormonal balance of the body.